About Fred

I loved my time as a special needs educator

As a special needs educator and a parent of a child with autism, I have been an advocate for children with special needs for over ten years.

Family Man

As the 21st of 22 siblings, a father of 6, a grandfather and the husband to the worlds greatest wife, there is nothing more precious to me than my family.

The Businessman

I have worked in every job one can imagine.  As a special need educator for Houston ISD, as a brick layer building manholes and inlets all over Houston and its surrounding cities for my dad construction company from the age of eight years old, as a certified welder building oil rigs and derricks, as a carpenter, building new and existing residential and commercial structures, as a banker, as a superintendent of a charter school, as a project manager, as a director /VP of operation for various corporations, I have done it all. I have worked as a fry cook for $2.25 an hour to working as an executive making in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now I own my owe business and doing well. I am you; I am Missouri City, Texas.