About Fred

I loved my time as a special needs educator

As a special needs educator and a parent of a child with autism, I have been an advocate for children with special needs for over ten years.

Family Man

As the 21st of 22 siblings, a father of 6, a grandfather and the husband to the worlds greatest wife, there is nothing more precious to me than my family.

The Businessman

  As a working-class citizen, successful businessman, and your future Mayor of Missouri City, Texas. I'm committed and passionate about improving our city, by empowering the lives of others to help lead the way for our future leaders/generation.  

Like many citizens, I humbly started my working experience making less than minimum wages to becoming a successful business owner.

From the age of eight, I worked as a brick layer after school, holidays, and summer breaks, building Manholes and Inlets throughout Houston and surrounding cities for my dad’s construction company. 

After many years of working with my dad, I worked as a Certified Welder (building Oil Rigs & Derricks), Carpenter (building new, existing residential, and commercial structures), Banker, Director and Vice President of operation for various corporations, Charter School Superintendent, and Special Need Educator at Houston ISD, one of the largest school districts in Texas, which has elevated me to be a dedicated leader.  

My working and leadership experience has taught me to Lead with Heart, be passionate about everything and passive about nothing, never pass up a n opportunity to help someone, and to leave people/places better than you found them.  

I am you; I am Missouri City Texas.