A leader with the experience & the integrity to make our hometown better.

As a citizen of Missouri City, Texas, with years of involvement in our community, I am keenly aware of the challenges facing our city. It is time to put our citizens first because we deserve better. I know what policies are harmful to our community and I am ready to make changes in policy that will benefit ALL OF MISSOURI CITY.

I have practical and strategic solutions to help our great city reach new heights by building stronger neighborhood schools and expanding after-school programs, develop town centers with thriving businesses and community leisure and recreational complexes, promoting a living wage, fostering community involvement and increasing the number of first responders.

Engage our community – We must initiate, develop, and follow a true strategic plan by drawing on the collective experiences of the community. Positive change is more likely to occur when we engage the community and listen to all perspectives. We are more than the sum of our parts when we work together.

Preserve our residential character – To develop a Progressive and Distinctive Community. Improving our quality of life begins by developing parks and leisure centers exclusively for recreational use, protecting our rivers, and including the historic district in the master plan. Missouri City must progress and reinvest by revitalization of areas such as 2234/Texas Parkway to improve housing, infrastructure and economic development.  We cannot let some areas of Missouri City fall to the wayside while focusing on others. We need strategic development and re-development for ALL OF MISSOURI CITY.

Education – The best educated workforce creates a sustainable and vibrant community. As a teacher, I know that education makes all things possible. As Mayor, I will be a partner in strengthening education and collaborate with public, charter, and private schools, adult educational centers, parents and the community.

Keep Taxes Low – We must manage the City’s budget effectively, efficiently and economically. Residents should be allowed to recapture expiring mileages for the purposes of local road enhancement. We must eliminate frivolous spending, including unnecessary city employee travel. Additionally, we have to ensure that our expenditures bring a return on investment and continue the rolling 3 year budget plan.

Deliver essential services – As Mayor, I will focus on delivering core city services such as building safety and improvements, public services, police and fire. We must ensure that our infrastructure meets our residential character by investing in reconstruction of our roads and performing maintenance or replacement as appropriate to maintain the high economic value of the community.

Focus on strategic economic development – We must develop and execute a plan to attract appropriate businesses to build our tax base, and provide for opportunities to revitalize existing commercial properties while maintaining the community’s character. Missouri City must be part of the regional economic development plan. As Mayor, I will expand our economic development program to include the future adjustments required for the changing demographics, including investment to facilitate “aging in place” for our senior citizens. Program components will be established to continuously attract working families, millennials, and future generations.





On Tuesday March 5, 2024, vote for Fred G. Taylor
for Fort Bend County Democratic Party Chair.

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